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Just some thoughts on a Monday night...

It's nearly half past nine in the evening here and this far north it's so light that it could be about midday. The light nights and the midnight sun (ok we never get a true midnight sun - more like afternoon dusk!) but either way your body clock soon falls into line with the light and I find evenings after 9pm to be some of the best as the world relaxes around you 💛

The last 24h I've been with my girls at my parents stuga - 24hrs without the computer - just relaxing, no tv, no cameras, just drawing, weaving and playing board games - Bliss!

With the change in the website and the upcoming exhibition I've had to start to think about what to give my photographs for titles - which series they belong too - what to call the series - how many prints of each Fine Art Print to sest the limited editions at.

I went through the list of works that has been chosen for Arles about 10 days ago, since then I've been working away with secure webpages for the wouldbe owners and certificates of authenticity.

But I've had a niggling feeling with the titles I had given them - so tonight watching Encanto with Clara and a printed out list of works went through them all again. While sat there pondering on things I made the decision that all individual titles for all my works will be in Swedish. This is a concious decision based on the fact that 1) I love the simplicity/straight forwardness of the language 2) I was brought up in England, spent a great deal of my life in Europe and have finally found home in NjutÄnger, Sweden.

I have gone through the Arles list and am finally happy with the titles (all in Swedish) - also I made the decision because some of the works will be used again in later projects to give the umbrella title "Arles ÈTÈ Collection 2023"

The Arles ÈTÈ Collection 2023 Fine Art Photography Prints will be exclusivly for sale at la galerie Vox å Arles, 70 rue de 4 septembre during the exhibition 13th July - 3rd September '23 - If there are any prints left after the exhibition a decision will be taken then on those prints.

I must also mention that my friend in Arles, Sophie Muret (instagram: @sophiemuretphotography) has an exhibition that opens tomorrow in Arles until the 29th July. The title of the exhibition is CENTRAL POINT and is at Galerie Karine Meyer (instagram: @galeriekarinemeyer). If you are in Arles then I highly recommend it and when I am there later this month it will be one of the first places I visit!


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