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Privacy Policy

UPDATED: 2023-06-28

Anna-Lisa Palombo processes personal data in accordance with the EU's data protection regulation (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation).
In order for it to be permitted to process personal data, ther
e must always be support in the data protection regulation, a so-called legal basis.
This privacy policy describes how Anna-Lisa Palombo collects and processes personal data. It describes the purpose of the processing, how long the processing takes place, how the information is used and who may access it. In addition to this, it is also described how your information is protected, what rights you have regarding your pe
rsonal data and how you get in touch with us.

For questions about privacy protection, you are always welcome to contact me through the contact details at the bottom of the page.


Personal data management

The personal data that you provide to Anna-Lisa Palombo is handled carefully and treated with the utmost respect. We only use contact information that we receive via contact forms on the website to communicate with you. When you make a purchase with us, you agree that we handle your data in order to fulfill our commitment to you as a customer. In order for you to make a purchase with us, we need information about name, address and telephone number. This information is only used by Anna-Lisa Palombo and by reliable partners we engage and who are involved in the fulfillment of your order. That is, payment providers such as Stripe and carriers such as DHL and Postnord.
We never forward, sell or exchange your personal data to third parties outside the Anna-Lisa Palombo webshop. Information that is forwarded to third parties is only used to fulfill
 our commitments to you as a customer according to above, as well as for distribution of newsletters. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time through a link in the newsletter or by contacting us.

We strive to constantly improve our processes and our systems to improve the handling and security of your data. You always have the right to know which of your personal data we handle, to have them corrected or deleted. To do so, contact Anna-Lisa Palombo.

Change of privacy policy

Anna-Lisa Palombo reserves the right to change this privacy policy. If the policy changes, you will be informed if the change affects the processing of your personal data. At the top of this page you will see the date of the last update.

Personal data that is stored and collected

We collect and store information about you that you yourself provide to us. The information that is collected about you includes both such information that you yourself have provided to us or to third parties as well as such information that is collected automatically when using our website. The types of personal data that are stored and collected are:
– Personal and contact information: Name, title, occupation, gender, user ID, date of birth, social security number, address, telephone/mobile number, email
– Payment information: Payment and credit card information (card number, CVV code and validity date), invoice information and bank account number.
- Purchase history: Information about previous purchases as well as warranty and complaint matters with Linnea Lundkvist.
– Device information: IP address, MAC address, cookies or similar; and – Other personal data that you choose to provide to us.

Use of information

The information we collect from you may be used to:
- Be able to deliver your order to the right person and address. This includes notifications and contacts upon delivery.
Identification and age control
- Handling of payment. Also includes analysis of payment methods, which may include credit information1. Contact you via email or phone regarding your order.
- Send out newsletters and information to you as a customer. You can completely unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


Legal basis

Completion of the purchase agreement. In order to fulfill our obligations according to the purchase agreement, we must collect your personal data. If the information is not submitted, the purchase cannot be completed.


Storage period

Your personal data will be stored by us only for the period it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected or as long as Linnea Lundkvist is obliged to store your personal data according to law or to protect Anna-Lisa Palombo's legal interests, e.g. ex. if there is an ongoing legal process. Your personal data will then be deleted.


Transfer of personal data
We aim to process your personal data within the EU/EEA and do not transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA beyond what is stated below.

Anna-Lisa Palombo discloses personal data to third parties in situations where this is a statutory obligation or to fulfill our commitment to you as a customer.

Your personal data will not be transferred or sold to third parties for advertising purposes. Anna-Lisa Palombo also discloses your personal data to third parties for updating and adding information from the civil registry or other public registers.
Anna-Lisa Palombo takes help from third parties when, for example, carrying out e-mail dispatches or handling insurance matters, which means that your personal data may be transferred to third parties who deliver such services.
For those of you who wish to pay via payment providers such as Stripe, Anna-Lisa Palombo forwards your social security number to payment and credit companies that need this for credit information purposes and drawing up related credit agreements.
The personal data we collect about you through your use of Anna-Lisa Palombo's website may be transferred to IT providers in countries outside the EU/EEA who host, develop and provide support for our website, as well as to Google in the USA, through Google Analytics. Anna-Lisa Palombo has ensured that your rights are guaranteed during the transfer to the USA through Google's adherence to the EU-US Privacy Shield. More information is available at


Your rights

When Anna-Lisa Palombo processes your personal data, you have certain statutory rights relating to your personal data and you have the opportunity to influence our processing of your personal data and what is saved. To exercise these rights, send a written request, signed by you, to the mailing address listed at the end of this privacy policy.
Right to information 
This privacy policy describes how your personal data is processed at Anna-Lisa Palombo and is always available at You must receive this information both when data about you is collected and when you yourself request it. In the event of a data breach or similar (a personal data incident) and there is a risk of, for example, identity theft or fraud, this information must be shared with you.

Request for extracts

You have the right to request, free of charge, an extract of which of your personal data Anna-Lisa Palombo has registered.

Request for correction
You always have the right to contact Anna-Lisa Palombo, as the person in charge of personal data, to have your data corrected. This also means that you have the right to supplement with such personal data that is missing and that is relevant with regard to the purpose of the personal data processing. If data is corrected at your request, Anna-Lisa Palombo must ensure that third parties, to whom your data has been disclosed, receive information about the correction. However, this does not apply if it turns out to be impossible or involves an overly onerous effort.


Request for deletion

You have the right to contact Anna-Lisa Palombo and ask that the data concerning you be deleted. The personal data must be deleted in the following cases:
- If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected
- If the processing is based on your consent and you revoke the consent
- If the processing takes place for direct marketing and you object to the data being processed - If you object to personal data processing after a balance of interests and there are no legitimate reasons that outweigh your interest
– If the personal data has been processed illegally; or
- If deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation.
If you request that your data be deleted, Anna-Lisa Palombo must also inform those to whom we have disclosed the data about the deletion. However, this does not apply if it turns out to be impossible or involves an overly onerous effort. Anna-Lisa Palombo is in some cases obliged to process your personal data even though you have requested that it be deleted.


Right to limitation of treatment

Under certain circumstances, you can request the restriction of continued processing of your personal data as well as a right to object to the processing under the conditions permitted by the applicable personal data legislation (for example, if you question whether the personal data is correct or whether the processing is legal).


Right to complain to a supervisory authority

If you believe that Anna-Lisa Palombo is processing information about you in violation of the data protection regulation, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority. The Data Inspectorate takes note of all complaints and assesses whether supervision should be initiated and then informs you who brought forward the complaint. The Data Protection Authority must announce whether or not supervision is to be initiated within three months of receiving the complaint. If you, as the complainant, do not receive information within that time, you can turn to the court to request information.
Protection of information

Our goal is that you should always feel safe when you leave your person

Data for Anna-Lisa Palombo. We will not disclose your data to anyone else, except as expressly stated in this privacy policy.
Conservation and thinning

Your personal data will be stored by us only for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data were collected or for as long as Anna-Lisa Palombo is obliged to store your personal data by law or to protect Anna-Lisa Palombo's legal interests, for example if there is an ongoing legal process. After that, your personal data will be deleted.



Anna-Lisa Palombo uses cookie-like technologies in order to provide certain functions on our website as well as to improve our website and to deliver a better and more personalized service. The information is stored in the form of a file containing encrypted login data. The information is used for automatic login and to remember any choices of settings on the website. We use cookies in accordance with our cookie policy, see our cookies policy.
Links to other websites

On there may be links to external websites over which Anna-Lisa Palombo has no controlling influence. These are not covered by this privacy policy. Anna-Lisa Palombo takes no responsibility for the content of the websites linked to from


Contact me

If you have questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy, you can contact me.
If you want to invoke your right to delete or change the data we have about you, you need to do this in writing, as we cannot handle personal data via email.

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