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And just like that it's the end of 2023...

As I sit here in my office the snow if falling outside and my husband, Ben and my girls are all going out to our ski area to do a little cross-country skiing... this is very much a bitter sweet moment as I used to be on the Swedish national team and now I am so weak that skiing is not an option any more. Ben (who has only skied cross-country a couple of times) has now taken up my best competition skis and boots. That hurts seeing them and it hurts even more that I can't be with.

So, I decided to write a blog, update the online print store a little and create a January sale - so that everyone can enjoy my fine art prints with 10% off the first print! With the discount code VINTER23 at checkout it couldn't be easier. Have a look and see what catches your eye. This is one of my favourites; it is an image from a small village, Långvind on the Hälsingland coast not far from me. It was taken a few years ago now but I still remember the hike there and the exact point it was taken from and the smell of the hot coffee I drank! It is part of the Vinter collection and an Open Edition print - which basically means that you can own the print for a cheaper price than a limited edition, it's signed but not numbered and the quality is just as good. This print starts at 850 SEK - thats 765 SEK in the sale!

You'll find this print HERE

Looking back at the last couple of months I was in Paris in November for the Paris Photo show with Sophie Muret. An amazing event in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. The huge space is split into mini galleries, with galleries from around the world showing some of the works they have/represent. A great place to see a variety of works from new photographers to original Sally Mann. There is also a large book area, where it is the turn of publishing houses to show off their talents. Unfortunately this part was just too packed with people to make it enjoyable, sitting in a wheelchair doesn't make it any easier to get close enough to look at the photo books.

A friend asked me when I got home if they had to pick between Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles and Paris Photo to visit which one would I recommend? My answer was Arles; there is so much more to see and a sense of less people as it's so spread out! But if you can do both...

Now it's 3pm here and already dark outside, we get about 5 hours daylight at the moment up here, but we now slowly move towards lighter times. The family will be back soon and the rush of emotions that brings with it but it also means hot chocolate and something sweet to eat!

We'll talk again soon...


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