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Autumn & the return of routines...

It's been a while...something I've had on my to do list for a while but other things kept jumping in the middle.

Autumn has finally brought the cooler temperatures and the dry air here in Hälsingland. There is always a new energy when the weather changes; the forest comes alive with berries, mushrooms and the wildlife even seems to wake up in a final spurt at preparing before the long winter here.

There has been many hours spent in and around the forest with my cameras with an extra concentration on analogue. Last week I went in to school here to use their darkroom - I normally have one at home but due to my deterioting health we've had to change things around a bit here at home - the schools darkroom has soooo much space and rows of enlarger apperatous including a 4x5 enlarger (at home I only have a 35mm enlarger so it's mainly contact copies). Is it just me or does anyone else lose the sense of time when working in the darkroom? I found myself quite happily spending 4hrs in there just testing all different timings and papers that I had inherited from someone here. Interesting to see how papers bought in the 1960s (unopened) actually produced the best images! Lots of tests and nothing produced to write home about but a good start and a lot of knowledge taken away from the session. My plan is to get in the darkroom at school once a week but we'll see. Below is one of my test prints from a 4x5 sheet negative and my pinhole camera, the paper is Agra Brovira paper and as I said it was just a test image;

In other news the summer exhibition in Arles ended at the beginning of September this means that a limited number of fine art prints are now available through my shop and I have slashed prices in the run up to Christmas (!) and the new year.

Limited edition prints now start at 1 450 SEK

(ca. 125 EUR/132 USD/108 GDP today 28 sept 2023)

Open edition prints now with starting prices between 750 SEK

(ca. 65 EUR/69 USD/56 GDP today 28 sept 2023)

Finally I am printing a wall calender of my photography in the next month so keep an eye out for that!

Take care!


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