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As a new exhibition season kicks off I have completely changed my website to reflect my photography moving forwards from a portrait & family photography business here in my local area too concentrating on my photography projects & exhibitions.

As I sit here staring out of my window at the spring weather here in northern Sweden I am surprised as ever with how quickly the birds return, the trees are once again green and even though the sea only lost its thick ice blanket a few weeks ago we're already talking about when to jump in!

As much as I love the fresh winter air, snow and ice, it has been a long season this year and it's actually quite nice to finally welcome spring and summer - although my two Alaskan Malamute dogs would probably disagree.

I'm lucky to share this quiet piece of paradise with my husband Ben, as formentioned dogs Lilja and Elfi and our two daughters, Hattie who is 9 and Clara who is 4 - ok quiet might not be the right word to describe things here at home.

Below are some photos of the four girls (it appears that I don't have a current picture of Ben so will have to work on that);

Hattie - Clara - Lilja - Elfi

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