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One week to go!

This summer it feels like time has one so fast - with so many different areas to organise, from a new website to bloging to interview in Hudiksvall Tidning to Arles & finally my girls being on there summer break! And it doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon.

This time next week I'll already be in the air on my way south to Arles. I have a direct flight going down with SAS, I've got my direct train booked Monpellier to Arles & then five glorious days to fill my soul with photography. The exhibition already opens the 13th July until the 3rd September.

This trip is also a work trip, meeting the curator of the In-Corpus exhibition and of course meeting the owner of the gallery. I'm hoping also that I will be brave enough to reach out & get to know as many people as I can while on the trip.

The only reason that this trip is possible is with a grant (stipendium) from Njutångers hembygdaförening. Without their support I wouldn't of been able to go and that would of been a shame.

Talking about interviews Hudiksvall Tidning (HT for short) came and took an interview with me, it turned out that the reporter was an old classmate from Forsa folkhögskola - I did not expect to see him but he's working for the paper up here over his summer break. A fab photographer himself it was good seeing him again and catching up a bit. Joar Vestergren wrote a good aarticle about me and more specifically about my upcoming exhibition in Arles.

Theres been more going on - unique QR codes for clients to scan when they buy one of my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. This will allow me to verify that they have indeed purchased a liited edition and I can then send out the certificate of authencity etc.

I need to crack on so I'll leave it there for now!


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