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ONDU Pinhole Camera

Ok - one let me apologise at the lack of a follow-up blog about Arles - it's still very fresh in my mind but the children are on their last few weeks of summer holidays so there hasn't been much time for anything - saying that and today they left with Ben for a week visiting his parents in England and thereby leaving me with lots of time to work and get creating again <3

Two - while all this has been going on in the background I posted on Instagram that I was finally going to try to fix my ONDU pinhole camera; it's by far my favourite camera and in the autumn I took it with me to Tenerife with the specific purpose of capturing the volcano Teide and the landscape around it. First I checked it after the flight was when we had driven to the volcano site and it was broken. Since then I have been working on my "ta livet och dansa med den" project so it got left.

Anyway, I posted on Instagram that I wanted to fix it and the owner/creator/craftsman from ONDU pinhole cameras got in contact and on Tuesday he sent me a new ONDU Rise 4x5 pinhole camera (gifted) and today I picked it up from DHL.

It's perfect :-)

It's so good to have a working camera again and a huge thank you to Elvis Halilovic and now I can't wait to be using it again in a new project!

Here are a couple of photographs that were on exhibition here in Hudiksvall in spring 2022

Ps. Elvis is working on a new project himself with a 4x5 large format camera - check it out here:

Camera: ONDU 4x5" Rise MK III Pinhole Camera


ONDU Pinhole Cameras

Designed & handbuilt by Elvis Halilovic

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