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Kulturkossan Vårsalong '23


At the weekend we ventured out to Bjuråker (about 50 minutes from home) to visit their "vårsalong" or spring exhibition. Over 100 artists of all mediums were invited to interpret the phase "Fucking rädda världen ska vi!!!"

Pulling up it is a typical old gård here in Hälsingland - with a large house and around other building including a large barn that meets you with the word "Kärlek" (Love) is one of the first things you see as you arrive. With sculptures dotted around outside it's both inviting and exciting, especially for the girls. I think it's the first time they have been able to interact with art this way; before this all the exhibitions we have been to have been in galleries and photography exhibitions at that.

I was a little anxious as we drove as Hälsingland gårds are notouriously inaccessible to wheelchair users so I normally stear away from them but when I saw online that 4 photographers I know/have worked with were exhibiting couriousity took over my nerves that I put at the back of my mind.

Yes its accessibilty was not the best but when you know that in advance it somehow seems doable. And we were greated by Maria Norén as we pulled up - the warm welcome and the ease of her mannor put us all excited to explore - and the promise of ice creams on a hot day! Maria explained that they had applied for funding to make the buildings accessible but hadn't heard yet back from them so fingers crossed 🤞 - the very fact that they had thought about accessiblity was great to hear! THANK YOU

I managed with help access all the buildings and it was fantastic to see all the various ways artists had interpreted the statement and there was more than one that I would of happily have taken home with me.

I love the fact that there is all mediums of art. My favourite was a painting in the art filled barn that reminded me of winter and a little of mumin troll. There was also a lot to contemplate.

If you are in Hälsingland it is well worth a visit and the fika is wpnderful!

Exhibition: Vårsalaong 2023

Open: 13 May - 18 June 2023

Thurs - Sun 11am - 4pm

Place: Kulturkossan Norrdala 36 82479 Bjuråker

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