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A wonderful (crazy) few weeks!

It feels like a while since I last wrote a blog post - its not that long but it's been full up with things to do, meetings, hospital appointments, closing one exhibition and preparing for Arles - and of course the complete reworking of my website & shop (feel exhausted just typing it all out).

So if I start at the beginning the first on my list was to close the exhibition in Hudiksvall. It was a sucessful exhibition with a good number of visitors and many cups of coffee and time to chat with them. I only had one picture on the wall and my exhibition book, my picture and handmade frame sold which was fantastic! No copies of the book sold but it was only a book produced online for the purpose of exhibition and I am looking to expand my work with the book and produce it properly so to to be honest I am not at all bothered by not selling any. I hate goodbyes and at the end of our joint exhibition is the time to say goodbye to my fellow students, some of which I have worked with now 2 or 3 years, so I sneaked out the back door.

With the upcoming exhibition in Arles, France, I thought it was time to revamp my website. I do all the website work myself, as much as I like doing it it takes so many hours to design, write and produce the images. It took me about a week of almost non-stop work to get it done but I am super happy with the result! Still have more products to put in the online shop but theres a few there to start with so have a quick browse.

So things are moving full steam ahead with the next exhibition. As I said in a previous blog (linked below) I will be exhibiting in Arles, France from the 13th July 2023 - 3rd September 2023 as part of the In-Corpus Photography exhibition at La Galerie Vox à Arles. The exhibition title is "Photography for Love - Love for Photography"

The images have now been chosen for the exhibition & at first count I have 28 photographs included - next week we discuss the finer details.

During the exhibition my works will be on sale. They are all limited editions, some very few while others a few more. Those with only a few prints available are likely to be used in a seperate project that I have ongoing.

All the works will be printed under the banner of "Arles ÉTÉ 2023 Collection" & once these prints are sold they will not be produced again as part of this collection.

Thanks to a grant from Njutångers hembygdsförening I am able to travel to Arles for 5 days and meet the fantastic curator Sophie Muret, who without her hardwork the exhibition would never of happened. Sophie is a very talented photographer herself and I can not wait to see her own solo exhibition in Arles that is open all of July. You will be able to follow my trip through Instagram and when I come home I will, of course, write a blog on the experience.

There is so much to see that I can already feel the inspiratin seeping into my bones!

School summer holidays are in full swing here for a couple of weeks now; luckily for me this means that my parents are at their summer house not far away from us so my girls are there while I work a little more. Today Joar Vestergen came to interview me and take some pictures for Hudiksvall Tidning, our local newspaper. It was good to talk about not only Arles but future projects as well. I met Joar for the first time a few years ago at Forsa folkhögskola so it was great to see him again and catch up on life.

Right, its now 20:15, so I am going to stop rambling now - add some pictures & links (otherwise it would be incredibly dull) and make some coffee.

Talk soon!



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