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Certificate of Authenticity COA

All Limited Edition Prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). An important document for the collectors to demonstrate that the item is authentic and genuine.

A COA certificate proves that a work of art was created by the artist, which could be important in determining the provenance and relative value of the work.

  • To protect your investment, the works are signed and have a limited edition. Once an edition is sold out, there will be no further duplicates.

  • A valid certificate of authenticity for a work of art will include specific details about the work, such as when and how it was produced, the title of the work, the size of the work of art, and other information about the artist.

Digital COA Protected by SSL Certificate

Each print certificate of authenticity has a QR code with a unique number (proof of Authenticity) and digitally guarantees that you have purchased a limited edition fine art print produced directly from the artist's original.

Your digital certificate page is exclusive and private (protected by a SSL security certificate) and can only be viewed directly on my site by the owner of the artwork.

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